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Diane was born and raised in Leytonstone, East London and over the past 20 years has worked hard to become one of the most loved and respected mediums today.

With her amazing accuray and no nonsense approach, combined with a wry sense of humour, Diane has left audiences stunned with her messages from loved ones in the world of spirit.

Despite amazing results with her healing, and private one to one readings with VIP's and celebrities, Diane's feet remain firmly planted on the ground.

Diane works internationally and has been providing readings to people in America, Australia, Dubai, Europe and even Uganda!

Diane has passed on thousands of messages to people from their loved ones in the spirit world. It’s an honour to help lift some of the sadness and bring light back into their lives.

I’ve seen Spirit ever since I can remember as a child, and never thought of myself as “different” I was made to feel that way though because it would frighten people especially my dear Mum. What frightened her really was the precognition side of my gift, for example I “witnessed” an accident outside our family home exactly a week before it actually happened.

I was walking home from school and right outside my house was a lady lying in the road who was clearly dead, a motor bike lying on its side with one of its wheels spinning round and round, the rider was thrown across the road and he looked directly at me, there was also a car involved.

The whole scene was surrounded in a mist which I took at the time to be smoke.

I ran into my house feeling shocked and frightened by what I’d seen, shouting for my Mum to come and see the accident, my Mum ran outside to investigate, but she walked back into the house and said come with me Diane.

It was a week later that Diane saw an actual crash outside her house where a woman died.

“I was starting to see things that were going to happen, and it frightened me.I could see the woman who was tragically killed and the mangled wreck that used to be a car, but when there was nothing there I found this all very confusing as I was so sure of what I had seen. When I saw the actual crash, I was very mixed up about what had just happened”

As a child Diane can always remember playing with spirit children. There used to be lots around her, so she was never without company.

When Diane was older she went to a clairvoyant reading and was told by the medium not to be afraid of her ability to talk to spirits and that she should embrace it.

She signed up to a workshop run by psychic medium Tony Stockwell to learn how to control talking to spirits.

After spending years learning with Tony and working as a medium at spiritual churches she now does personal readings and regular shows in Romford and has done readings for The Only Way Is Essex cast.

“People take comfort in the fact that their loved ones are now free of pain, back with the people they love and are still involved in your everyday lives. I feel privileged to be able to deliver messages that make a difference to people’s lives.”

The information that I am given isn’t for me. Sometimes I get people who have lost someone in tragic circumstances and it’s lovely to be able to see the relief on the person’s face that they have connected. One woman was really relieved and said she will not have to have another reading again as I had put her mind at rest.”

“I am just a link or a channel to the spirit world and they are using me to pass information on, it’s a pleasure to have this gift’


Diane at the Thameside Theatre
Gemma Collins Reading
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Diane will be doing a special Christmas evening of clairvoyance on Sunday 5th December at The RUSC Club, 28 Mawney Road, Romford, RM7 7HB.

Tickets are £15 and must be purchased in advance. To reserve your tickets please email dianethemedium@gmail.com. or call 07979 924956.

They’ll also be a Christmas raffle with great prizes. Doors open at 6pm and the show starts starts at promptly at 7pm.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Diane xx


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'Just had a telephone reading with Diane...

'what can i say... she was amazing as usual and very accurate. It was so lovely to hear such comforting and positive messages from my nan and grandad who i miss so so much. Thank you Diane you are amazing’

'Today I had my first reading with Diane

and I can not believe what an amazing woman she really is. I’ve had many readings with others before and I can say that I actually feel more comfortable with a phone reading instead of face to face. I could relax so much more! Diane connected with my mum straight away and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted of my shoulders! I was recommended by someone and I am so happy I listened because Diane you truly are amazing thank you so much'

‘Diane is so wonderful, accurate and caring!

I am loving these phone readings even more than having to travel so far. I feel in my own context, my own cosiness whilst conversing with Diane about such important matters! Thank you Diane for everything - being able to hear from my younger brother through you has transformed my life’

‘Thankyou Diane so much for my telephone reading

it was defo needed and spot on as always really needed that message from my mum. I would highly recommend a telephone reading with Diane she’s amazing'

‘I had a reading last week from the amazing Diane.

All I can say is that it was phenomenal. The intimate details she shared about my past, current situation and connection with spirit were off the scale. If you need clarity, feel stuck with life or have burning questions there’s no one better. I’ve seen mediums for over 20 years and she’s certainly my number one’

‘We had an amazing reading from Diane this morning.

We all felt very comfortable over Skype, exactly like being in the same room. Would highly recommend booking a reading. My mum received long awaited messages from my Nan that she desperately needed – thank you'

'I’ve been having readings with Diane for over 10 years

and she’s absolutely fantastic not only for her ability and reading she provides but also for her integrity and empathy that goes along with it! I’ve never experienced a reading like it... thank you Diane xxx'

'Thank you for my most amazing Skype reading yesterday.

It has left me so happy contented and at peace. What came through from my loved ones has already made me have a greater understanding of the next steps ahead of me. I had numerous readings before, and was always left feeling empty and lost. Diane is so down to earth and relays everything to you as if you are having a chat. Deep gratitude from beyond life changing for me I’d like to thank Diane for my reading today. Was lovely to hear from my Dad as it’s my birthday this month and he wished me happy birthday which felt amazing. Gave my daughter a much needed message aswell so thank you.'

'I had a reading with Diane last week,

and can honestly say, the information she gave was emotion, i was able to understand all of it. I recently got married and knowing my mum was there and how proud she was that she was included, is a big comfort. Thank you Diane, and i cant recommend her enough.'

'I’ve seen a Diane years ago

and me and my partner had a Skype reading with her last week and can honestly say she has blown us both away with her accurate readings. Was worried Skype would be different to an in person reading but it makes zero difference. She is the best psychic I’ve ever met and leaves me with no doubt that our loved ones are watching over us. Thanks Diane xx'

'I had a reading last week from the amazing Diane.

All I can say is that it was phenomenal. The intimate details she shared about my past, current situation and connection with spirit were off the scale. If you need clarity, feel stuck with life or have burning questions there’s no one better. I’ve seen mediums for over 20 years and she’s certainly my number one!'

‘Had the most amazing reading today,

Diane has always told me that I will be having a baby and finally I did in May and she was spot on with everything today. I couldn’t of wished for a better reading. Diane you are amazing’

'For the last 11 years I have been having readings with Diane.

Always face to face at her home. Due to the current situation, yesterday I had my 1st ever telephone reading with Diane. O can honestly say it was no different to being sat next to her, my loved ones came through loud and clear, and the messages were as wonderful and accurate as ever. I can’t recommend Diane highly enough, she has an amazing gift. I will definitely be having telephone readings from now on. Thank you Diane'

'Had a Skype reading with Diane this week.

I have previously seen her personally and attended one of her fabulous events. She always speaks honestly and tells you how it is. She is always spot on with what's going on for me and leaves you in no doubt with who has come to speak with you. Lovely and heart warming. Thank you Diane'


Diane is available for one to one and group readings. All readings are done by telephone, whatsapp, skype or zoom. Diane can also do readings internationally and has done readings throughout Europe, America and the Middle East.

To book a reading please call Diane on 07979 924956 Or Email, dianethemedium@gmail.com

To book International readings email dianethemedium@gmail.com

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All readings are given within the strictest confidence and remain confidential between you and Diane.

Below: Diane giving one on one readings to the cast of The Only Way Is Essex on ITV2.